Town Clerk / Tax Collector
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Desiree L. Mahurin

Town Clerk / Tax Collector


Marti Kuplin

Assistant Town Clerk / Tax Collector

Address: 30 Crescent Street
Suite 2
Telephone: 603-934-3951 Fax: 603-934-2011

Effective May 16, 2016
Monday ~ 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Thursday ~ 9:00am - 5:00pm


2015 Holiday and Scheduled Closings  

Review or Pay your Taxes Online

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

Online Dog License Renewal

Transactions are always available to be processed by mail or by appointment by first contacting the office.

The Town Clerk’s Office provides general information, direction and assistance to all citizens and others having business with the Town.  

The Town Clerk’s Office maintains and preserves numerous Town records and materials.




          1.  OHRV & Snowmobile Registrations (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc) including Snowmobile membership cards to Lakes Region Snowmobile Club in Franklin (resident & non-resident) and ATV membership decals to HILL RIDERS ATV CLUB

    2.    NH Hunting and Fishing Licenses (resident & non-resident)

    3.    Issuance of  motor vehicle plates –

    a.   Passenger
    b.   Motorcycle
    c.   Trailer
    d.   Moose
    e.   Agricultural, Farm and Tractor
    f.     As well as  Initial/Vanity plates for all of the above

    4.  Boat RegistrationsYou must bring your previous registration for renewals

    5.  On-line Vital Record Documents - The State of NH Division of Vital Records Administration has implemented an on-line software that now enables NH Town Clerks to retrieve any vital event (birth, death or marriage) that occurred in NH regardless of the Town of the event.  Applications require a state mandated fee of $15.00 for the first record and $10.00 for subsequent records.

    6.  Notary Services

    7.  Internet Tax Payments - Internet tax payments are accepted through an on-line kiosk.  Customers will be directed to a secure web site through the kiosk.  Costs to online taxpayers when using Cloud Pay will be $0.40 for ACH/Electronic Check payments or 2.95% for Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover credit and debit cards.

    To use this kiosk go to www.hill.nhtaxkiosk,com


    Contact the Town Clerk/Tax Collector office for more details on any of these services.                      
    Desiree L. Mahurin
    Certified Town Clerk/Tax Collector
    30 Crescent Street, Suite 2, Hill, NH 03243
    (phone) 934-3951             


The mission of the Town Clerk/Tax Collector office is to provide the residents and property owners of Hill with efficient, friendly, accurate and timely services and information.  I will always continue to try to provide to the residents of Hill my utmost professionalism and to continue to improve on services within my power that can be made available to the community. 

 The Town Clerk functions that are of high importance include not only processing of motor vehicle registrations, voter registrations, election processes and dog licensing, to name a few, but also the preservation, retention and accurate issuance of vital records, preservation of all contracts, agreements, ordinance books and other Town documents, preservation and archiving of all Town meeting, local boards and commission minutes as well as administer the “oath of office” to elected officials and appointees.

 The purpose of the Tax Collector function is to collect as much tax revenue as possible through out the year to help the Town meet its financial obligations of each year.  The Tax Collector is responsible for the preparation and mailing of the tax bills based on information received from the assessors.  The Tax Collector is also responsible for the processing of property tax liens on properties that become delinquent as a way to help protect the revenue base for the Town.  As Tax Collector the office also performs the billing and collection functions for the Hill Water Works. 

 Since I began my career with the Town of Hill in 1995, I have been elected 6 times for 3 year terms each.  I have acquired many educational certifications and completed a 4 year program with the NH Town Clerk/Tax Collector Joint Certification Program.  This program is specifically designed to encompass legal, ethical and mandatory procedures specifically required of the position of Town Clerk/Tax Collector.  By completing this 4 year program I am now a “Certified Town Clerk/Tax Collector.”

 I have also been actively involved with the NH Tax Collectors Association and the NH City &Town Clerks Association executive boards which has allowed me to maintain a constant resource and networking opportunity. I feel very strongly about continuing education programs in the area of municipal government.  With the constant changing of laws, if you do not continue your education and networking you will soon not have a clue about what the job requires.  Therefore, I have pledged to always keep up with educational opportunities specifically relative to the functions of Town Clerk/Tax Collector.

 As Town Clerk/Tax Collector of Hill since 1995, I wish to express my great appreciation to the residents and taxpayers Hill for allowing me to serve our community.  As one of my favorite quotes goes, “The friendships of those we serve is the foundation of our progress.”

 Thank you. It is all of you that make my job so wonderful!


 Desiree L. Mahurin
Certified Town Clerk/Tax Collector


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